BRICS summit begins with focus on expansion, de-dollarization

The summit of BRICS leaders is expected to take crucial decisions related to the bloc’s expansion and its role in carving out more space for the economies of the Global South in the world economy

Can BRICS lead a wave of assertion from Global South?

At its historic summit in South Africa, BRICS has an opportunity to give voice to the demands of the Global South. In order to do so, it must realize its potential as a global forum that provides alternatives for development and growth

Why is the Brazilian right-wing afraid of women MPs from the left?

Hundreds of members of trade unions, social movements, left parties and individuals gathered in Sao Paulo in solidarity with six women MPs from left-wing parties.

Over 4.000 delegates gather to discuss future of Brazil's iconic health system Over 4.000 delegates gather to discuss future of Brazil’s iconic health system

Brazil’s 17th National Health Conference will be a crucial space for defending the project of strengthening the public health system, which is constantly under threat

Lula calls for Assange’s release in London, reiterating calls by leaders globally

Speaking to journalists in London, Brazil’s Lula pulled no punches when criticizing the mainstream media’s lack of organized efforts to defend Assange and demand his freedom

Commission of Inquiry on MST aims to divert focus from crimes of agribusiness, says João Pedro Stedile

João Pedro Stedile, member of the MST’s national leadership, said the parliamentary commission of inquiry that has been set up to look into the movement, is an effort by right-wing legislators to destabilize the Lula government and deter agrarian reform

Daily Round-Up | Lula and Biden discuss climate and democracy and other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Brazilian President Lula’s visit to the US, the continuing drama over the Chinese weather balloon, and the latest from the Indian farmers’ struggle

Daily Round-up | Hundreds of thousands protest pension reforms in France & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of another massive protest in France against pension reforms, illegal miners fleeing Indigenous lands in Brazil, the UN seeking to revive peace talks in Libya, and the Republicans moving against student debt waiver in the US

Daily Round-Up | Brazil under Lula adopt measures against illegal mining and more stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Brazil taking steps to crack down on illegal mining, the US reiterating support for Israel, the passing of the anti-strike law in the UK, and crackdown on protests in the US

Mapping Faultlines: The implications of Brazil’s failed coup attempt

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha explains the implications of the recent coup in Brazil, including what it means for Lula as he begins his third term as the country’s president

Bolsonaro supporters’ flopped coup attempt in Brazil is still dangerous

Zoe Alexandra of Peoples Dispatch explains the failed coup attempt by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the motivations of the right-wing mob, and the response by people’s movements in the country

Lula da Silva begins third term as Brazil’s president

Immediately after taking power, Brazilian President Lula da Silva announced a series of measures focusing on tackling poverty and reversing the anti-people policies of Jair Bolsonaro