Shut It Down For Palestine
Mohammed Nabulsi on the strategy of the movement for Palestine in the belly of the beast

Mohammed Nabulsi of the Palestinian Youth Movement lays out the primary tactics, strategy, and targets of the movement for Palestine

Brooklyn marches for Palestine on International Working Women’s Day

The peaceful demonstration was met with aggression as the protesters were attacked by NYPD officers. Dozens of protesters were arrested at multiple actions that took place across the city as well.

“Millions march for Palestine”: International day of action called for March 2

An international coalition which includes the Palestinian Youth Movement, the International Peoples’ Assembly, Progressive International, ALBA Movimientos and more has called for protests one week before Israel’s scheduled invasion of Rafah

Organizers declare: Repression won’t stop the movement to free Palestine

The Palestine solidarity movement in the United States has been under increased pressure by authorities but shows no signs of letting up

Protesters in NYC brave snow to demand an end to Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza

Thousands of #ShutItDown4Palestine protesters rallied in Manhattan braving heavy snow and rain, to demand a ceasefire in Gaza

Massive march for Palestine disrupts NYC on New Years Eve

Thousands marched on December 31 in New York City to demand an immediate ceasefire and that the US end all aid to Israel

Beyond a ceasefire: The Palestinian Youth Movement’s demands for liberation

Peoples Dispatch speaks to Munir Marwan, a longtime Palestine solidarity organizer and PYM member about PYM’s latest demands, which include an end to occupation, the release of all Palestinian political prisoners, and ending Western complicity in Zionism

“Blood on their hands!” NYC demands an end to politicians’ support of Israel

Over a thousand were in the streets of New York City to demand an end to US support of Israel’s genocide in Gaza

NYC vigils honors the over 15,000 Palestinian martyrs killed by Israel in Gaza

Demonstrators have organized this vigil as part of the “Shut It Down for Palestine” campaign, determined to disrupt business as usual as long as there is no permanent ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza.

Across the globe, mobilizations called for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

With over 15,000 dead and 6,500 missing from Israeli attacks on Gaza, the world is mobilizing on the day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Solidarity activists to stage mass shutdowns for Palestine

Palestinian and anti-imperialist organizations have called for a second day of action for Palestine as casualties of Israel’s genocide surpass 11,500

The people shut it down for Palestine

On November 9, thousands of people disrupted business as usual in solidarity with Palestine. Peoples Dispatch brings you a report on this day of action