Social Leaders
Assassination and intimidation of social leaders continues unabated in Colombia

The brutal assassination of María del Pilar Hurtado in front of her 9-year old son on June 21 shook the country to its core. The very next day, Andrés Chica, who demanded justice for Maria, was forced to leave his home after threats

Colombian filmmaker Mauricio Lezama assassinated

Mauricio Lezama was producing an audiovisual project about victims of the armed conflict when he was assassinated by unidentified armed men in the department of Arauca

Over 50 social leaders have been assassinated in Colombia in 2019

Four social leaders have been killed last week. Organizations across Colombia have condemned the government of president Iván Duque for the lack of security measures that guarantee protection to social leaders

Photo of a peasant injured during police repression in Popayan Protesters meet with brutal police repression in Cauca, Colombia

The protesters are demanding that the national government guarantee basic rights such as health, education and housing as well as the protection of social and peasant leaders

Maritza Isabel Quiroz Leiva In Colombia, 2019 begins with more assassinations of leaders

Organizations have denounced the assassinations and called on the Colombian government to take real measures to protect the lives of social leaders

Over 7 social leaders assassinated in Colombia just in December

The rampant assassination of Colombia’s social leaders continues with impunity

Colombian community leaders arrested in latest round of repression

Alix Miriam Aguilar and José Hermes Burgos were arrested early this week in the latest crackdown on social leaders in Colombia

Stop the genocide, Colombians tell Duque

As many as five social leaders were assassinated in a span of 48 hours. The families of the victims and their organizations have been demanding the dismantling of the network that benefits from the erasure of dissent

Murder of social leaders continues unabated in Colombia

At least three leaders were assassinated in the past few days. Over 430 have been assassinated in the last 30 months in the country, mainly by paramilitaries that function with impunity

Thousands of Colombians march for life and peace

People across Colombia and in dozens of cities across the world mobilized on August 7 to show their rejection of the government of Ivan Duque who took office the same day

“There is a sector of the Colombian oligarchy that benefits from the war”

Social organizations are preparing for a major mobilization for life and for peace on August 7 when Ivan Duque will be sworn in as president

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